Todd & The Book of Pure Evil

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Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil

  • 26 x 30 minute comedy series
  • Broadcaster: SPACE, FEARnet, Comedy Network
  • Distribution: eOne
  • Synopsis

    Imagine, if you will, a book of awesome power. A book that will make your deepest, darkest desires come true… but at a horrifying cost. This is The Book of Pure Evil, and it’s loose in Crowley High. Thankfully, one horny teenager stands between The Book of Pure Evil and the end of the world as we know it. His name is Todd. And he will save our asses — whether he likes it or not.

The Tracey Fragments

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The Tracey Fragments

  • Feature film
  • Produced by: Shadow Shows/Corvid Pictures/Alcina Pictures with Telefilm Canada, Movie Central, The Movie Network, Harold Greenberg Fund
  • Directed by: Bruce McDonald (Hard Core Logo)
  • Written by: Maureen Medved
  • Starring: Ellen Page (Juno)
  • Distributors: Alliance Films (Canada), ThinkFilm (US)
  • Sales: Bavaria Film International (World Excl. US), Shoreline Entertainment (US)
  • Film Festivals & Awards: Berlinale (Opening Film, Panorama) Manfred Salzgeber Jury Prize, Toronto International Film Festival, AFI Fest, Best Canadian Feature Film and Best Actress – Atlantic Film Festival


15-year-old Tracey Berkowitz (Ellen Page) is naked under a tattered shower curtain at the back of a bus, looking for her little brother Sonny, who thinks he’s a dog.

Tracey’s journey leads us into the dark underbelly of the city, into the emotional cesspool of her home, through the brutality of her high school, the clinical cat and mouse games with her shrink and her soaring fantasies of Billy Zero — her boyfriend and rock 'n' roll saviour.

Tracey’s stories begin to intertwine truth with lies, hope with despair and guilt with redemption as we move closer to the truth of Sonny’s disappearance.

The Tracey Fragments is a tragic/comedy tale about coming-of-age and facing the truth told in a dazzling pop-art fashion.

Love Letter From An Open Grave

  • IMDb

Love Letter From An Open Grave

  • 1 x 12 minutes
  • Produced by: Corvid Pictures
  • Directed by: Craig David Wallace
  • Written by: Elan Mastai
  • Starring: Jonas Chernick, Kristin Booth
  • Festivals: Vancouver International Film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury
  • Broadcaster: Bravo, Bold/CBC
  • Synopsis

    When Lisa breaks up with Jack, it’s the first time anyone’s ever dumped him. Jack decides to speak with his ex-girlfriends he dumped in the past, doing what any commitment-phobic guy living in a supernaturally inflected comic world would do — he goes to the metaphorical graveyard where all the women he dumped are buried and starts digging up their graves.

    A film about what our “undead” past loves can tell us of our failings and whether one man can face his inner zombie and find true love.